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Northern Islands

Glamorous enchanting beauty

Experience a mix of modernized structures behind the beaches surrounding Croatia's northern islands and historical ancient sites.


Unwind in the cities and pristine islands along the beautiful shimmering shores and blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is an exciting place to explore and one of the best charter destinations.

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Surrounded by a series of islands of unique and striking beauty and charm, Croatia's northern islands are seductive and a great place for cultural adventure and maritime recreational activities. The northern islands are the perfect place for amazing explorations of places around the world and are an unmissable destination in Croatia. Around the islands are idyllic places for deserted lagoons, crystal-clear waters, and pine-covered landscapes. With a wide variety of activities and attractions, guests will be amazed by the choice of islands, cities, national parks and beaches to explore and wander for the many picturesque corners and medieval harbours.

Beyond the beaches surrounding the islands, there are magnificent and breathtaking interior adventures such as different museums to visit, national parks that will amaze guests with their natural beauties, luxury hotels and beach clubs to stay in, paths to walk, and romantic structures. much more to enjoy with the blend of stunning natural scenery and the attractions brought by the northern islands. Its beautiful climate, stunning blue clear skies and diverse vegetation make it a famous yacht charter destination, especially in the summer season. Begin your adventure by exploring the perfectly preserved historic Old Town, where you'll find elegant 15th and 16th-century architecture as well as many sights worth seeing. There are UNESCO World Heritage sites you can find on the islands, such as the most beautiful churches and buildings that lie behind the shores of Croatia's northern islands. Enjoy an unforgettable trip as you visit the fun, captivating, fascinating and amazing nature and structures of Croatia.

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