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Dodecanese Islands

Unique Beauties, history and crystal waters

Greece offers a wide variety of delicacies that can be enjoyed from its islands, many of which are only accessible by boat. Wander through the candy-coloured houses and wander through ancient ruins, where the charm of a legendary past is almost felt. A truly seductive gulet destination

Whether you're looking for a vacation saturated with the remnants of an attractive history, or island-hopping between the Saronic, Ionian, Cycladic or Dodecanese islands, Greece has endless opportunities. Exploring the cruise regions of Greece means discovering an extraordinary world of cuisine, culture and coastlines that is almost irresistible.

Once home to ancient philosophers and the birthplace of the Olympic games, Greece is also one of the most historic destinations to be found in the Mediterranean. Encompassing beauty, history and crystal clear waters, Greece offers a variety of flavours, from the bustling mainland to the desolate crescents of the islands, some accessible only by boat, making it a seductive and captivating cruise destination. Wander among candy-coloured houses, wander through olive groves and vineyards, and wander through ancient ruins, where the haunting charm of a legendary past is almost felt. With the many whitewashed villages on some islands and the bustling city life on others, visitors to Greece can decide for themselves what kind of scenery they would most like to soak in.

If you need further convincing that Greece has all the hallmarks of an ideal gulet charter destination, consider how some islands remain in a welcoming climate all year round, where summer vacations are better suited than fall ones. With an abundance of breathtaking scenery, the Dodecanese has an eclectic mix of architectural heritage and local traditions. From bustling cosmopolitan cities to picturesque fishing villages, the Dodecanese islands are full of opportunities for guests to stay as busy or relaxed as they want. This beautiful cluster of islands offers idyllic opportunities for island-to-island travel as each one is full of variety and adventure. While more than half of the islands are uninhabited, there are many mountains, meadows and beaches to explore. Saturated by the warm Aegean sun all year round, the Dodecanese Islands are a serene yet stylish collection of islands that are rapidly gaining in popularity. One of the most important advantages of chartering a gulet in the Dodecanese is that you can visit smaller islets off the main tourist routes. There are 18 main islands, the largest and best of which are Rhodes, Kos, Patmos and Symi.

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